Template Changer - 1.2.6

1.2.6 (2011/01/??) - Allow To Store New Files To A Subdirectory Of The Existing Files When Running In Batch But Subdirectories Are Not Processed - Keep The Batch Parameter Dialog Open, If Some Of The Input Data Are Not Correct (E.G. Path Not Found) - Russian Help Added (Thanks To Nikolay Garbuz) - Do Not Show License Info On Update Or If Required By Unopkg Command Line - Icon, Description, Publisher Name And Release Info Added

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This Release can not be used with LibO 4.0 and later. For known problems with this extension or if you want to report a new issue please see LibreOffice Bugzilla


LGPL-v2.1 (GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1)


LibreOffice 3.3


1.2.6 (2011/01/??) - allow to store new files to a subdirectory of the existing files when running in batch but subdirectories are not processed - keep the batch parameter dialog open, if some of the input data are not correct (e.g. path not found) - russian help added (thanks to Nikolay Garbuz) - do not show license info on update or if required by unopkg command line - icon, description, publisher name and release info added 1.2.5 (2009/09/13) - Spanish translation added (including help) - thanks to David Fernández 1.2.4 (2009/06/28) - added Czech translation (thanks to Petr Valach) 1.2.3 (2008/12/01) - added Svedish translation (thanks to Håkan Lidén) - added Korean translation (thanks to JiHui Choi) 1.2.2 (2008/10/08) - fixed minor issue in French translation - implememt workaround for issue 49754: TemplateChanger now restores original outline numbering of documents after loading styles from the template 1.2.1 (2008/09/20) - french translation fixed - Danish Help added - fixed small bug which prevented to have source and target paths at parallel locations 1.2.0 (2008/09/17) - French translation updated - add handling of master documents to batch mode - convert URL-like filenames so that these are properly displayed in File - Properties (e.g. whitespace instead of %20) - fix a bug that caused batch mode to do nothing unless all document types were selected 1.1.1 (2008/09/05) - Dutch Translation updated, thanks to Cor Nouws - Chinese (simplified) translation added, thanks to Yufeng Lan - Enable menu item (Assigt template to current document) for master documents, thanks to Giuseppe Castagno - English help added 1.1.0 (2008/08/02) - new "batch mode": assign a template to all files in a directory (with subdirectories). - simple help added (German only) - new way to submit translations 1.0.0 (2008/07/13) - file selector on Mac OS X native builds fixed - removed Addon-Toolbar (needed for pre 2.3 versions of OOo) 0.7.0 (2008/07/06) - added French translation, thanks to Frederic Gaudy and Guillaume Got - Templatechanger will now set the (internal) document setting "update from template" to true. This means if you once answered "no", when asked by OOo, you can reset this using TemplateChanger. 0.6.0 (2008/05/25) - added Serbian translation, thanks to Goran Rakic - Template file name will now be displayed in documents, if template has no titel set 0.5.0 (2008/05/06) - added fix to work around a kde file picker bug (template changer will now use OOo file picker instead of the KDE native filepicker in case of troubles) - thanks to Cor Nouws for the hint - Dutch translation added - thanks to Cor Nouws - Danish translation added - thanks to Jens Bjerrum and Jørgen Rasmussen 0.4.0 (2007/11/18) - fixed META-INF path name to upper case (lower case might cause that the extension could not be activated on Linux) - Pkg-Description added - Russian translation added thanks to Konstantin Lavrov for all the fixes and additional translation 0.3.0 (2007/11/11) - Added a toolbar button, as merging menu item is supported for OOo 2.3 and higher only - added Spanish translation (thanks to Fabio A. Correa D.) - added Italian translation (thanks to Emanuele Forner) 0.2.0 (2007/11/04) initial release

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