iMath - 2.2.2

This release brings improved options for formatting of formulas. Some new features were implemented, for example the EXPLAINVAL keyword that prints an equation with known values inserted. Also, several workarounds for bugs and crashes specific to the Windows platform were added.

Release Details

The following changes were made:

  • Add an entry to the context menu of formulas that allows applying the formatting properties to all other formulas in the document
  • Set the automatic bracket scaling option on all iFormulas and get rid of all the right's and left's
  • Add new options
    • autofraction: Automatically diminish text sizes in fractions
    • minimumtextsize: Minimum text size in points for fractions
    • autotextmode: Automatically recognize formulas that are not on a line by themselves and set the text mode flag on them
  • Add global and document settings that allow to control the font for all formulas
  • When creating a new iFormula, replace the user selection with the formula
  • Use selected text as initial text for a new iFormula
  • Implement new "express create" button in toolbar. Selected text is immediately converted into an iFormula (without opening the dialog)
  • Fix representation of unit ohm to show a capital greek Omega
  • Recognize two different dashes as minus sign, useful for copy-and-pasted formulas
  • Implement GUI for setting options locally (%%ii OPTIONS{...})
  • Add underflow and eval-to-real-roots settings to format iFormula dialog
  • If the user did not supply a label for a new equation, preset it to the LHS side of the equation or constant
  • Fix bug that did not properly display equation labels in merged equations
  • Handle an assignment of two column vectors like a list of separate assignments. This fixes the problem with extracting the value of variables from an ITERATE statement
  • Introduce the syntax @prevN@ to access the Nth previous equation
  •  Implement PRINTVAL keyword as a shortcut for TEXT x = / EXDEF VAL(x)
  • Fix various bugs that occur when automatic  recalculation is turned off
  • Implement EXPLAINVAL keyword that prints an equation with known values inserted
  • Rremove packaged help files, all documentation is maintained on the wiki from now on
  • Create a settingsmanager to manage all document and global settings data in one place
  • Enhance automatic equation chaining to work on consecutive formulas in the same line
  • Enhance automatic equation chaining to work with inequalities and congruences
  • Allow writing modular equations with the syntax: expression EQUIV expression ("mod" m)
  • Fix bug on Windows that somehow misses manual changes to formulas
  • Allow syntax f x which means f * x. Use brackets f(x) for function arguments
  • Work around Windows copy+paste bug by disabling automatic recalculation after a paste operation
  • Add Windows x86_64 platform for the 64bit build of Office


GNU-GPL-v2 (GNU General Public License Version 2),


LibreOffice 6.0 LibreOffice 5.4

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