iMath - 2.2.0

iMath - 2.2.0

Release Details

This release brings reworked units support, for example, SI prefixes to all units are automatically recognized now. Also, symbolic differentiation and integration were improved. And it is now possible to solve an equation for an arbitrary expression, e.g. partial(x).


GNU-GPL-v2 (GNU General Public License Version 2),


LibreOffice 5.2 LibreOffice 5.3 LibreOffice 5.1


  • Enable handling non-commutative functions (returning vectors or matrices)
  • Clear all symbols (do not persist) when a recompile happens where all formulas have been marked as changed
  • Rework units support
    • Allow composite preferred units
    • Split units.imath into several files: SI units, engineering units, imperial units and abbreviations for these three categories
    • Replace separate options for include files by a list of include files
  • Restructured global options menu and document options menu into several different menus
  • Prevent including the same referenced file more than once (important when working with master documents)
  • Fix bugs that occur when a master doc or a referenced file has a recalculation error
  • Fill the units drop-down menu in Format iFormula and Create iFormula dialogs with all units currently known  to the compiler
  • Recognize TIMES U+00D7 and three different unicode dots as multiplication symbols
  • Allow defining unit prefixes with PREFIXDEF and automatically recognize combinations of prefix and unit as a new unit
  • Add new simplification "ignore-units" which removes units from logarithms so that scientific formulas evaluate properly
  • Ensure that QUANTITY always reduces numbers to floating point values (which VAL does not necessarily do)
  • Allow inserting a complete file (with %%ii commands) as a single formula into a document
  • Implement syntax nospace{%DELTA T} to get a variable called ΔT
  • Improve substitution in products, e.g. subst(-2x, 2x = g) works now
  • Improve symbolic integration by always extracting constant factors even if the integral itself cannot be solved
  • Allow substituting the integration variable in an integral, e.g. differential(x) = r differential(r)
  • Detect if a pure function contains a variable by investigating the definition of the function
  • Add missing integral for arccot
  • Fix bug that did not find manually created iFormulas in a forced recompile
  • Enhance simplification gather-sqrt to include roots in the denominator of fractions
  • Allow solving for general expressions, not just for symbols. E.g. solving for partial(x) works now
  • Fix issue with charts in global documents
  • Check for "spurious" complex part of the coefficient when printing (often happens when solving cubic equations)
  • Fix bug when evaluating integral with value zero
  • Parse the syntax FUNC FUNC (implicit multiplication of two pure functions)
  • Keyword DIFFERENTIATE now takes an arbitrary expression as the grade of differentiation
  • Fix problems with second-order and higher partial derivatives
  • DIFFERENTIATE now always create derivative objects, not fractions of differentials
  • Introduce new simplification "cancel-diff" to cancel differentials into derivative objects
  • Fix bug that created unnecessary options after using the Format iFormula dialog
  • Parse (and ignore) smath spacing commands ~ and `
  • Fix two printing bugs:
    • Library functions in combination with differentials
    • Printing with precision 1 produced things like 8 cdot 10^1
  • Add function interpol for linear interpolation to init.imath
  • Sort unit list in dialogs
  • Evaluating the integral int du/dt dt now automatically evaluates to u + C
  • Fix two bugs that crashed or froze the office
  • Rework symbolic integration and add a table of symbolic integrals
  • In the Edit iFormula dialog, clear the parameter field after pressing the Apply button
  • Print unit %gram as "g" instead of "gr"
  • Correctly center the difftype dot over a function with arguments
  • Automatically evaluate ln(e^x) to x
  • Formatting: Print (a + b + c)/x instead of 1/x (a + b + c)
  • Fix bug that did not recognize the selected chart object when inserting a new series
  • Fix bug that failed to read include files located on Windows network paths

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