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A document template once set cannot be changed afterwards. This extension allows to set another template, to deactivate, reactivate and completely cut the connection to it, for single files or directories.

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Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • 2.0.1 corrected wrong references 6.3 Linux, Windows, macOS AL

    Version 2.0.0. was built from a predecessor which had to have a different name for technical reasons. Unfortunately it still contained references to this predecessor which weren’t noticed because it was still installed when the new version was tested. This especially resulted in the fact that the repository case didn’t work. These references have been corrected.

  • 2.0.0 6.3 Linux, Windows, macOS AL

    This version corrects the code of 1.2.6, which no longer worked due to a change in LibreOffice. The funcionality has been somewhat extended.

  • 1.2.6 1.2.6 (2011/01/??) - allow to store new files to a subdirectory of the existing files when running in batch but subdirectories are not processed - keep the batch parameter dialog open, if some of the input data are not correct (e.g. path 3.3 LGPL

    This Release can not be used with LibO 4.0 and later. For known problems with this extension or if you want to report a new issue please seee LibreOffice Bugzilla


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A document template once set cannot be changed afterwards. This extension allows to set another template, to deactivate, reactivate and completely cut the connection to it, for single files or directories.



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  • Paul Beyard 20 jun. 2022 2:06 (hace 2 meses)

    @Jan Kirchner, I get the same error. It was working in, I foolishly took an upgrade that broke some things (such as macro signing) and tried to roll back. Now this isn't working again. The "solution" from LibreOffice is to make a new document with the desired new template and then cut and paste all contents. But it is an incomplete solution, as you lose history. It also depends on styles having exactly the same names in both templates, or else you will need to use File and Replace to replace the styles from the old template with the correct counterparts in the new template.

  • Jan Kirchner 28 mar. 2022 20:57 (hace 5 meses)

    When I try to install it for 7.1 it shows this error:

    Přidat rozšíření:
    C:\Users\honza\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user\uno_packages\cache\uno_packages\lu13556uir.tmp_\TemplateChanger-L-2.0.1.oxt neexistuje.

  • Jan Kirchner 28 mar. 2022 20:43 (hace 5 meses)

    How to install the package?

  • Jan Kirchner 28 mar. 2022 20:41 (hace 5 meses)

    I do not see name for this extension.
    Whats the name?

  • Peter T 24 oct. 2021 12:43 (hace 10 meses)

    It is not a full replacement for Template Changer, nor is it intended to be a competitor: If you just want to apply the styles of a document template quickly and comfortably, you might want to have a look at my extension StyleSwitcher:

  • Paul Beyard 16 abr. 2021 20:06 (hace 16 meses)

    This crashes in VB. LO (Win10 x64) at the VB line 'GlobalScope.DialogLibraries.LoadLibrary("TemplateChanger")' with the error message 'com.sun.star.container.NoSuchElementException
    Message: .'

    A quick look at the LO help for DialogLibraries reveals nothing helpful. If anyone has solved this problem, I'd be grateful to learn how. Thanks.

    • Paul Beyard 27 abr. 2021 3:35 (hace 16 meses)

      I seem to have corrected the problem by changing the line that produced the error to this line: 'BasicLibraries.LoadLibrary("TemplateChanger")'

      I am new to LO Basic Programming; there is a lot about the object model I don't yet understand. So I can't explain why this works.

  • Rob Hammond 7 oct. 2020 3:55 (hace 23 meses)

    Issue still exists for me in LibreOffice on OS X.

    Works fine on single files, but not folders. I am able to work around changing templates on entire folders by using Open Office with Template Changer extension.

    • Gerhard Weydt 29 oct. 2020 15:18 (hace 22 meses)

      This extension was no longer working since years ago, its author could not be reached, and another person was not allowed to add a new version. So I created a substitute called “Document Template Changer”. When the tool for managing extensions was changed to Silverstripe, and when in addition this substitute was not available for unknown reasons, it was decided that I take over the ownership of the old extension. I created the version 2.0.0 from my extension, but unfortunately left references to it, which did not show because that extension was still active during the tests.
      Moreover, I suddenly had no longer any access to both my extensions, it’s only last weekend that I got the message that they were available again. Only then did I look again at them and saw your comments.
      A new version 2.0.1 has now been added which should work again, according to my tests.

      • Jan Kirchner 28 mar. 2022 20:45 (hace 5 meses)

        Hello I have no idea how to install it.
        Can you help?

  • Tor-Ivar Krogsæter 2 sept. 2020 15:34 (hace 24 meses)

    I have the exact same problem on Win10 with LibreOffice, as does a friend of mine with version 6.4.6. I just updated LibreOffice to version, and the same problem applies here. Were it not for that, I would have given the extension five stars, as I have enjoyed it for a long time.

    • Gerhard Weydt 29 oct. 2020 15:19 (hace 22 meses)

      see my reply to Rob Hammond

  • Rob 21 jul. 2020 18:49 (hace 2 años)

    Using LibreOffice 6.3 or 6.4 & template changer 2.0 on OSX, it works for me on single files, but I am unable to get it to work on folders. The list of templates is blank and I cannot select input/output folders.

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