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last edited: 2023-01-24


This extension aims to provide Calc functions using Regex.

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For the moment, there is only one function, regextract, that extract caracters from a string according to a regex pattern. It contains 3 parameters: the string to search into, the pattern in which each group to be extracted is put into brackets, and the number of the group to be displayed. I.e: regextract("12 abc 12";"(\d+)\s(\D+)";1) = 12 and regextract("12 abc 12";"(\d+)\s(\D+)";2) = abc

Special thanks to Lorenzo Carbonell who helped me debugging this extension!


Release List

Release: 0.1.0 – First publication of this extension.

Compatibility: 5.4
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
License: GPL


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  • Bastiaan Wakkie Jun 10, 2021, 8:56 AM (22 months ago)

    Perfect tool that does what it supposed to do. For me way better than the standard regex capability with in calc.
    Would be great if somehow the regex is showing directly -while typing- what it is selecting and replacing to not lose time figuring out a problem in the regex.

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