ONUF Budget Template

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last edited: 2023-01-24

ONUF (Oleh Namystiuk User-Friendly) Budget — highly detailed universal (family and business) budget template. It is TOTALLY FREE for personal use or use within your company or nonprofit organization.

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- highly detailed
- user-friendly and lightweight
- printing optimized
- quarter and year Totals
- monthly Average
- colour highlighting and darker Borders of Category names
- due dates
- starting & Current Balance (to view your savings growth / accumulation)
- tax declaration tracker (not to forget submitting your tax declarations)
- loan Calculators
- 2 Charts (Income & Expenses, Expenses by category)
- house / Office Maintenance Checklist (not to forget to make your household chores)
- car Maintenance Checklist (to keep your vehicle in good shape)
- car MPG & Fuel Cost Calculator
- highly detailed Food, Toiletries and Stationery Calculators
- detailed First Aid & Emergency Kit Checklist
- for your real life budget just copypaste January values to February, February to March etc. It is also possible to compare 3
different budget scenarios: you can calculate your budget for 3 different situations, using the first three months in the Budget section
and three different tables in the Calculators Section
- simply enter values in the white cells
- do not change shaded cells (with colored background) — they are calculations
- if you have no idea how much you will spend, simply enter your expenses on a day-to-day basis using formulas like "=5+26+19"
- for the next month(s), just copypaste your data from previous month(s) and change if necessary
- set bold font OR light green background to see what is already paid (like first 3 months in [Phone(s) Mobile] row)
- enter your starting balance (your savings when you start this budget) next to [Starting Balance] cell to track your savings growth
- when add a new row (item), make sure you copied whole row (not only first or visible cells)
- when add a new row (item), try to add it BELOW the first or ABOVE the last item in this category
- always recheck summation formulas for subcategories and Totals - when add or remove a category
- always recheck summation formulas for subcategories and Totals - when add or remove the FIRST or the LAST row item
- if you use OpenOffice / LibreOffice and get "Err:522" appear in the cells with formulas, go to Tools > Options > LibreOffice.org
Calc > Calculate, and activate "Iterations"
- if you get "#DIV/0! appear in the "Monthly Avg" column, never mind, it's all right (this row just hasn't any values)
- hover on cells with comments to see supplementary information and my explanations

Release List

Release: 1.6 – First public release.

Compatibility: 3.3
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, macOS


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