one person many projects one year time sheet One person many projects one year time-sheet

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It's a ONE YEAR timesheet, one month per sheet plus a PROJECTS sheet and a STATISTICS sheet; all the data in Catalan (ca-ES)

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In every month sheet you will see a per-day line, with projects sorted in columns, where changing the project number updates de title under it. You should open new columns and copy the empty last one to open a new project for that month. Projects should be listed in the EXPEDIENTS sheet, wich in our case is a Data-base connected area you can update manually if you add projects to the database. Days are drawn in different color, considered holidays the ones found in the "B2_Calendari_Laboral.ods" file. Weekend days are considered holydays too. Nevertheless, you can work in holydays if you like (that's your time ;-) For every mont a graphic is generated where you can see the vertical bar of worked hours, the month average of hours per laboral day, and the IN and OUT time as a line graphic. You will find data in them (that's my time sheet till today) which IS NOT sensble data, so I don't (and you shouldn't) worry about condifenciality. Uh! As has been said, all data is in Catalan; translators will be wellcome ;-)

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  • 1.0 That's the working version 3.3 GPL Download
  • 1.0 That's the working version 3.3 GPL Download


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