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Provides a function that converts quantities expressed in various systems of
measurement to their equivalents in other systems of measurement.



NCE-Units is a part of Numerics for Chemical Engineering project derived from "Units in Java", the Java development of the amazing program "GNU Units".



NCE - Numerics for Chemical Engineering

Units in Java

GNU Units


NCE-Units Calc Extension files are hosted on Sourceforge repository.


For a quick start, an example spreadsheet is available for download from Sourceforge.


With NCE-Units, measuring units conversion is as easy as:

NCEUNITS(value; youHave; youWant)


Refer to GNU Units for full documentation, specially on legacy strings for units definition.


Requirements: Java, see release notes for minimum required version.


Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • 1.1 Bug fix. 5.4 Linux, Windows, macOS GPL

    Fixes bug in temperature conversion between identical measuring units.

  • 1.0 First release 5.1 First release Requirements: java >= 1.7 Download


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