LibreOffice plugin for translating documents, that's supposed to retain formatting.


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# category: language
# title: PageTranslate
# description: Action button to get whole Writer document translated
# state: beta
# url:
# depends: python:requests (>= 2.5), python:translate
# license: GNU LGPL 2.1
# forked-from: TradutorLibreText (Claudemir de Almeida Rosa)

# LibreOffice plugin for translating documents that's supposed to retain formatting.
# Per default does not require a text selection to operate, but works on the whole
# page.
# The original mode (TradutorLibreText) is still supported and used whenever a text
# portion is selected. It also uses the default target language (English) then.
# Unless a different mode/language from the Tools>PageTranslate menu is requested.
# Beware that Writer freezes during the dozens of translation calls to Google.
# In particular long documents might take ages, because each paragraph/line or
# text longer 1900 chars causes another roundtrip.
# Basic support for Draw/Impress documents is now provided. (No text selection
# mode there however).
# There's a configuration dialog now, under Tools→Options→[Writer→PageTranslate].
# Where you can switch the translation service, and set a few options. You'll
# need an API key for DeepL API or Microsoft Translate. Or set an email for
# MyMemory, or a command for using a CLI translation program.
# Currently uses a config file under ~/.config/libreoffice/pagetranslate.json
# And most always creates a log file: /tmp/pagetranslate-libreoffice.log
# Without pythonpath/ populated, this plugin won't work on Windows installations
# fully (only the Google Translate option is likely to).


(Verbatim plugin doc. I'm not gonna replicate the original submission. Perhaps it gets merged into the old entry...)


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LibreOffice plugin for translating documents, that's supposed to retain formatting.



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