Remove Duplicates Fast

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Remove Duplicates Fast will delete all duplicates from your cell range in LibreOffice Calc

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It will add own toolbar with only one button and menu item Remove duplicates into menu Data

This extension is fork of extension.

Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • 1.0.6 Fixed selected range after work of extension 6.1 Linux, Windows, macOS GPL Download
  • 1.0.5 Updated algorithm
    Added translating to Russian
    6.1 Linux, Windows, macOS GPL Download
  • 1.0 First release 6.2 Linux, Windows, macOS GPL Download

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Remove Duplicates Fast

Remove Duplicates Fast will delete all duplicates from your cell range in LibreOffice Calc



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  • Regis Fortier 03.09.2020, 14:40 (vor 14 Monate)

    It works well till I see the popup showing to me the result (which is exact) BUT NOT DELETING (as it must do) anything... Something wrong ?

    • Roman 04.10.2020, 18:53 (vor 13 Monate)

      Possibly. Give me more info, You can find me on LibreOffice Telegram channel

  • Gabriel Gonzalez 13.08.2020, 17:28 (vor 15 Monate)

    It works perfectly, it should be a native function in libreoffice calc

    • Jenn 18.08.2020, 20:33 (vor 14 Monate)

      I wish it worked for me. I keep getting an error. Any idea how to get support?

      • Roman 04.10.2020, 18:52 (vor 13 Monate)

        Can you find me in LibreOffice Telegram channel?

  • Jeff Knox 20.07.2020, 03:21 (vor 15 Monate)

    Seems ideal, especially for people like me who have limited experience with spreadsheets and only need to do these types of operations occasionally. I remember searching for solutions and finding answers that only someone who didn't need the answer would understand. Simple stuff, but if you don't know the lingo, you're SOL. This solves that. At least it appears to. I've only used it once and it worked perfectly. We'll see if any negatives crop up down the road.

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