Personal Finance by xxkoes

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last edited: 2020-12-30

Workbook for managing personal finances.

01 main sheet v4
02 main sheet v3
03 transactions sheet v3
04 transactions sheet v3
05 expenses sheet v3


Keep track of every bit of money you spend and receive. Go as detailed as entering full receipts in Expenses sheet or keep it simple by only entering puchase totals in Transactions sheet. NLTHP Cash sheet is also available and can probably be used for other variants of poker as well. Budget, NLTHP Tournament and Cryptocurrencies sheets might be coming in the future.


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Release List

Release: personal_finance_0.1.0

Compatibility: 6.3
Operating Systems:
License: GPL
Release Notes:

Reupload. Original released 2020-07-17.

ZIP contains personal_finance_0.1.0 and documentation.

Created on Linux.

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Personal Finance by xxkoes

Workbook for managing personal finances.




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  • Ada 14.12.2020, 13:32 (vor 2 Jahre)

    Looks great! Where do I download?

    • Soo Randlett 29.12.2020, 19:12 (vor 2 Jahre)

      I have reuploaded initial and only version (0.1.0), but there is a "draft" tag next to it so I guess it waits for an approval before it is published.
      Hopefully download link will be visible in a couple of days.

    • Soo Randlett 29.12.2020, 18:34 (vor 2 Jahre)

      Thanks. I uploaded first version (zip containing workbook, screenshots, documentation) some months ago, but it seems it got removed in the meantime. I'll try reuploading it.

  • Scott 02.12.2020, 10:03 (vor 2 Jahre)


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