Ruby Formatter is the extension for Writer that formats documents written with ruby text and side points into the format of each novel posting sites and copies them to the clipboard.

Ruby Formatterは、ルビや傍点付きで書かれたドキュメントを、小説投稿サイトのフォーマットに整形してクリップボードにコピーするW

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Rounded Rectangles

It is a simple presentation template for Impress!

Rotation Toobar

A Rotation Toolbar for Impress and Draw.

Risk Assessment Chart

Risk Assessment Chart


Template für eine Risikoanalyse in Deutsch im Rahmen des Projektmanagement und Controlling / Template for a risk analysis in German


A bright, colorful Impress template with rounded bars on the left side.

Review Toolbar

This extension implements a new Review toolbar with some relevant command buttons that are spread out in various menus and toolbars.

Additional a new feature "Clear document" that removes review information in the document suchs as tracked changes, com

Resume, Curriculum Vitae - CV

Simple and useful resume, cv template

Resume IT Helpdesk

a sample IT Help desk resume for everyone

Report Template with Auto Headings

Great for creating technical reports


Report Template

This is a simple report template that you can use either for scientific, academic or educational purposes.


Replace images with information frames showing name and filename: PicInfoFrames

Replace images with information frames showing name and filename.


Rental Ledger with Receipts

Keep track of rental payments and create pdf receipts for payments

Remove Duplicates Fast

Remove Duplicates Fast will delete all duplicates from your cell range in LibreOffice Calc


Remove Duplicates

Quickly remove duplicates in LibreOffice Calc.

Remove Blank Cells

Removes blank cells in a selected range.


Registro Presenze

Un registro delle presenze per riunioni, corsi o eventi. - A record of meeting attendance, course or event.

Registro ore e turni di lavoro

Un registro per annotare ore e turni di lavoro giorno per giorno, con riepilogativi mensili. A register to record hours and shifts from day to day, with monthly statements.

Regex Tools

This extension aims to provide Calc functions using Regex.

Redhat template (modified)

A modified version of the presentation template used by some people at the latest FOSDEM (see here :

Red and Green Circles

A template featuring red and green circles.

Recipe organizer

For health-conscious people who make food with style.

Rechnungsvorlage DIN lang (DL)

Deutsche Rechnungsvorlage für Umschläge mit Sichtfenster entsprechend DIN lang (DL) German Letter-Template for envelopes DIN lang (long) (DL)



A Calc sheet to write the kitchen recipes that calculates the ingredients. Une feuille Calc qui adapte le volume des ingrédients au nombre de personnes. Une hoja Calc que calcula las cantidades des ingredientes.


Really Simple Money Manager

Very Very basic money manager

Real Estate Brochure/Flyer

This document was created to advertise the sale of a property.

Reading Log

A simple and easy to use reading log, can be assigned for a certain month or for the school year.

Read Text

The Read Text Extension lets an external program or web application read text from LibreOffice Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, Web Writer or the system clipboard.