transpose un tableau en une source de donnée utilisable pour les TCD ( tableau croise dynamique ou pilote de données ) ou importation en BDD

unpivot an array into single data line format for data pilot or db import

Digitizer of XY chart

Extract (X,Y) data from a scanned graph.


Display Formula and Result (Value) simultaneously

This extension display formula and result (value) simultaneously in a cell

Enhanced Form

A form that takes over Cells formats, type of data and data validities Un formulaire qui prend en charge les formats de cellules, les types de données et les validités de données


Enhanced "Paste" command for spreadsheet documents

This extension enhance the behavior of the "Paste" command in spreadsheet documents by allowing to paste the content of the clipboard to several cell ranges simultaneously when the content of a cell range (several cells) has been copied.

Factur-X Invoice Generator

This extension provides a Python macro that allows to generate a Factur-X invoice (Minimum profile) with LibreOffice Calc. A Factur-X invoice is a PDF invoice with an embedded XML file in Cross Industry Invoice (CII) format. The generated invoices are


FINA Integrated Regulatory Platform


Converts date from BS to AD and vice versa.


Diccionario Español El Salvador 2020

Diccionario en español El Salvador, en el cual se han añadido todos los departamentos, municipios, ríos y lagos que existen en el país.



DynTablesUpdater is a tool for batch updating of dynamic tables (aka data pilots) that can be found in a Calc spreadsheet.



Firma digitale su LibreOffice.
Questa estensione aggiunge un nuovo pulsante nella barra degli strumenti di LO per firmare digitalmente i documenti utilizzando "Dike" (un software creato da InfoCert SpA, comunemente usato nell Pubblich

Fixed values for Calc

This extension creates two menu items in Calc to insert current date or current time in the selected cell as a fixed value.

Freecolour HLC Chart

Freecolour HLC color palette shown in chart arrangement



Grapheur-mecomsci génère des graphiques scientifiques d'apparence soignée

This extension allows you to create well formated graphic and allows you to draw a polynomial curve.

Hatch Patterns for Cells

This is a set of macros and a dialog which allows the appearance of Hatch patterns within cells.


ImgCell enables drop the image to fit the cell. This will scale the image to fit the bound cell.


Import csv

Utility for opening and saving files (csv, txt)

Improved trend lines (CorelPolyGUI)

CorelPolyGUI plots extra trend lines such as linear and polynomial with forced intercept option, or moving average.



Automatic Calculator for Interpolation

How many squares

Transformation des lettres en couleurs et en nombres dans des projets pixel-art : tricot, mosaïque, etc. Permet de calculer le nombre de fournitures nécessaire. To transform letters in colours and in numbers in pixel-art project including knitting, mos


GPA Calculator

Track your GPA.


ISO date header footer

Set the date in ISO 8601 format in the header and/or footer of a Calc document.


Import CSV As Text

Tools for CSV files import as text only.


Java Time Zones

Converts dates between time zones. Re-formats dates. Performs date arithmetic according to calendar.

KABE Tools

Some calc tools I developed for my work at Karl Bubenhofer AG (KABE).


Computo metrico estimativo e contabilita' lavori su Calc

Leeno (alias Ultimus Free)

Bill of quantities (BOQ) directly in Calc.
Estensione per creare Computi Metrici Estimativi e relativa Contabilità Lavori (Registro di contabilità, SAL - Stati di Avanzamento Lavori etc.)

LibreOffice GetRest Plugin

The extension adds 2 new function to LibreOffice Calc.
Function GET(URL) offer you to get data from the internet by simple get request.
Function PARSEJSON(JSON,PATTERN) returns substructure of JSON
structure getting according to pattern.

LibreOffice GetRest Plugin

LibreOffice Calc Add-Inn extension.
Extension adds 2 new function to LibreOffice Calc.
Function GET(URL) offer u to get data from the internet by simple get request.
Function PARSEJS