Personal Letter with hyphenation

Privatbrief mit Empfängeranschrift im Sichtfenster und automatischer Silbentrennung – German personal letter template for window envelopes with automatic hyphenation

Personal Monthly Budget with Daily Tracking

It's a simple template for tracking budget by entering daily expenses in second tab. It then shows the actual spend against project budget in charts on last tab and detailed expenses against categories on first tab.

Personal Year Budget

LibreOffice Calc template for track personal year budget

PIMACO Templates for Labelling

PIMACO labels templates in Draw format


Planning de réservation

Un planning de réservation de salles avec des prestations associées.


Plantilla curiculum

Plantilla para curriculum vitae muy sencilla.

Plantilla Individual de Contabilidad

Ayuda a controlar los pequenos gastos individuales y a tener una vision mas clara de ellos

Polski Kalendarz 2013

Kalendarz na 2013 rok z imieninami. 2013 calendar with Polish name days.

Portadas para Trabajos de Psicología // Psychology Cover Page

Una portada bien diseñada desempeña un papel importante a la hora de establecer la identidad de la obra y la identidad del autor que dio forma a toda la publicación. Haz que tus trabajos de Psicología luzcan de manera muy profesional.


Postage stamp

Stamp-like slide template for digital photos with standard 4:3 aspect ratio

Postage stamp generator

Generate postage stamp-like border in the given page size (only with landscape orientation).

Prayer & Praise List, 3X5 Horizontal

A Timeplates template for printing your prayer list horizontally on a 3X5 inch index card.


Prayer & Praise List, 3X5 Vertical

A Timeplates template for printing your prayer list vertically on a 3X5 inch index card.



Presento template for LibreOffice Impress

Printable Lesson Plan

A school teacher who's planning book wasn't about to arrive in time for classes to begin asked for help in finding a printable lesson plan on line. This is what I came up with that met her criteria, simple but flexible. It's designed in Draw. Page 1 is

Profesional Impress Template

A template for Impress with two main slides. Each have a room for a logo. 


Profit & Loss Statement

A Profit & Loss (P & L ) Statement

Proforma Balance Sheet

Proforma Balance Sheet

Project Documentation

A simple template for project documentation with changelog table. Pulls in the author details from user data and generates TOC.

Project Management Database

A project management database

Project Management Registers

The Project Management Registers Spreadsheet is a single workbook containing approximately 65 separate (but integrated) spreadsheets (tabs), each containing a specific project register.


Software solution and excel templates


Présentation Ambiance Halloween

Un modèle aux couleurs d’Halloween utilisable pour un besoin professionnel.


Présentation Barres bleues

Quatre diapos maîtresses : Titre, Sommaire et merci, Chapitre et Contenu.


Présentation filets verts

Deux pages maitresses : titre et contenu.


Pseudo automatic Impress template

Four presentations in one

Quarterly Planner, 3X5 Vertical

A Timeplates template for printing out a quarterly planner vertically on a 3X5 inch index card.


Quellen im Unterricht

Vorlage für Quellenarbeit im Unterricht (Template for source work in class)

Question paper

I started this as part of making a Question paper for my wife who is teaching Lower Primary School students in India. It is a standard Examination Question Paper format in India.