Newspaper 29X43 cm

Newspaper template

Newspaper-style (for Draw)

This is "newspaper" style newsletter designed for use by schools, small groups and similar. It uses the LibreOffice Draw module.

Note calculation

einfache Tabelle, um die Noten nach dem 2. Lehramts-Staatsexamen sowie die Ordnungszahl für die Bewerbung auszurechnen. english: Calculate grade for german state exams.

Note de frais

Une note qui donne le numéro de semaine et compte aussi le nombre de justificatifs.


Nutrition Database

A nutrition database

Nutsbedrijven monitor

Allows to monitor consumption and costs of gas, electricity and water in a household.

Old Cigars

Just a template

One person many projects one year time-sheet

It's a ONE YEAR timesheet, one month per sheet plus a PROJECTS sheet and a STATISTICS sheet; all the data in Catalan (ca-ES)

One Person Time Sheet

This is a time sheet to keep track of your work hours. You add a date, check-in time, check-out time and a job description. On a separate sheet you can keep track of your deviation from a standard week (default 40 hours) as a plus/minus score. You can

ONUF Budget Template

ONUF (Oleh Namystiuk User-Friendly) Budget — highly detailed universal (family and business) budget template. It is TOTALLY FREE for personal use or use within your company or nonprofit organization.

Op-art cubes

Op-art cubes, and the Logo source code.

Op-art kockak

Op-art kockák Vasarely nyomán, Logo forráskóddal.

Open PLA (Accounts system)

Open PLA is a double-entry accounting system for registering Purchase Ledger transactions (invoices and bank payments). It may be suitable for small-businesses and / or for personal / family use. Features of the template include macro buttons for openi

OpenStreetMap Presentation

A LibreOffice Impress template using OpenStreetMap based background useful for presentation about this project.

Optical Store Letterhead Template

The letterhead template design is for Optical Store Business. The letterhead is in an editable format and can be used by anyone with ease. Download the template and customize it with personal details.

Orcamento pessoal

O Modelo de orçamento pessoal e um modelo de planilha para ajudar a controlar o seu orcamento pessoal durante o ano. The Personal Budget Model is a model spreadsheet to Help Control Your Personal Budget during the year.

Ordnerrueckenschilder Breite 5cm / 8cm

Ordnerrueckenschilder mit jeweils 10 bzw. 15 Ordnerregisterblaetter für Ordner in der Breite 5 cm bzw 8 cm mit Eingabefeldern, so dass die Registerblaetter beschriftet werden.


Organizer/Filofax A5

A template for creating your own refills for Agenda/Organizer/Filofax.

Origami CD Envelope

A simple template to create a CD envelope using a standard Letter sized piece of paper and requiring just four folds.

Pack pour la gestion de la facturation d'une petite boutique

Management of a little consignment shop (French Law) pack: bill, receipt for the consignor, a Calc files with several sheets and a writer file guide. The pack is in French. Pack pour la gestion de la facturation d’une petite boutique avec dépôt-vente :

Paragraph ciphers PNBT-0-simple 8bit

Ensuring pieces of content for transmission over insecure storage clouds and so on. It also features encryption option to save in TXT, classically on paper, archiving and future to retrieve and decrypt using OCR. It also serves option to print a report

Patient Medication Log Template

If you are concerned about your health problems and want to keep track of all your medical issues smoothly then keeping a compiled medication record is the best option to keep records of your health related issues. This record can be presented to your

Penggajian HFS

Aplikasi menghitung gaji lengkap dengan rincian (slip) gaji dan tabel gaji.

Periksa dan Analisis Butir Soal HFS

Periksa soal pilihan ganda, skor nilai isian, Analisis butir soal pilihan ganda dan isian.

Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual calendar that adapt to the language installed on the system.

Perpetual Calendar with Event List

An automated ODF (OTS) spreadsheet offering considerable flexibility in generating monthly and yearly Gregorian calendars with the option to have events automatically be entered on their date of occurrence.


Personal Budget Template

The Personal Budget Template is a spreadsheet template to help track your budget for the year and is available in three currencies, USD, EUR and GBP. The template can be modified to accommodate other currencies as needed.


Personal Checkbook Register

A checkbook register to enter deposits and withdrawals and help keep track of your checking or savings account.


Personal Checkbook Register with Conditional Formatting and Bank Balance

Checkbook register with some enhancements for ease of use: conditional formatting, bank balance, and simplified insertion and deletion of rows.