Graphology Templates

Templates that enable the handwriting analyst to focus on the handwriting, and not on the calculations required to deliver the graphological report.


Graph papers

Graph papers in different colors and scales and a generator program for arbitrary linear graph papers.

Goal-oriented budget

A better, more end-user friendly version of the Budget template, introducing goal-oriented functionality without scripts or extra add-ons.

Gestion points

Modèle pour la gestion d'un concours de belote ou autre jeu de carte qui peut convenir. Permet de se faire affronter 100 équipes avec répartition des tables. Model to manage a contest of belote.


Geschaeftsbrief DIN 676 Form A

Geschaeftsbriefmuster nach DIN 676 Form A (kurzer Briefkopf)

Geschaeftsbrief DIN 5008:2011 B-A4-IB

Geschaeftsbrief mit Anschriftenfeld tief (für Fensterbriefumschlag) mit Informationsblock. Nutzt voreingestellt LibreOffice-Standardschriftarten

German score sheet

Spielzettel verwendbar für Würfelspiele wie Kniffel, Yahtzee u. Ä. -- German score sheet usable for dice games as Kniffel, Yahtzee and similar ones

Generatore di numeri random

Un generatore di numeri random non ripetuti - a random numbers generator

Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt chart template for project management: Just input task and owner names, start date and due date or duration to get a graphical representation; Edit the % complete to track your task status; Enter just the start date to add a milestone.

Gantt Chart (Simple)

Gantt Chart (Simple)

Game Billing

Ein Abrechnungsblatt für ein Würfelspiel A Game Billing Sheet for a Dice Game

Functional Resume

A functional resume focuses on your skills and experience, rather than on your work history.

Full Block US Letter Template

A full block style with US Letter size paper.

French Watermark

A collection of pictures to add as watermaks on writer pages. Collection de 20 filigranes génériques pour Writer.

France Calendars

[ENGLISH] This project provides a set of perpetual calendars, including public holidays, school holidays for France, french oversea territories, and several french speaking countries.[FRENCH] Ensemble de calendriers perpetuels avec vacances scol

Flexible invoice

Flexible invoice with address and article database

Flatpan magazine

Flatplan magazine template for printing.

Finnish SFS 2487 standard document template

SFS 2487 is the official Finnish standard for document layout. The standard guides the placement of sender and recipient address, dates, document title and identification, structure of the document body, signatures etc. This Writer template makes it ea

Fensterbrief - Deutscher Fensterbrief "DIN lang" - DIN-A4-Blatt gefaltet für Fenster-Umschlag 110 mm × 220 mm - (en: German Letter)

Fax Cover (Professional)

A professional Fax cover sheet with FOUO statement

fax cover

simple, generic fax cover

Fattura artigiani commercianti e piccole imprese

fattura artigiani commercianti e piccole imprese, invoice artisans traders and small businesses

Fancy Window Frame

A presentation template featuring a blue window frame.

Fancy 3D star

Net of a fancy 3D star for paper folding and its drawing program.

Family Picnic Flyer Template

Family Picnic Flyer

Family Address Book

Store important family information and generate reports such as upcoming birthdays or contact information. Export birthdays and anniversaries to a shared google calendar.

Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Expenses and Income Template

This is an old but working template that can be used to track your expenses/income on a daily basis. Each week is on its own sheet and you get a sheet that gives an overview and montly average for any range of weeks you want. It is a bit complex and it