UML State Diagram Template

Create some drawing objects that can be used to make a state diagram




Workforce Planning System in LibreOfficeCalc platform for small and medium-sized restaurant and hotel businesses in the Finnish language. Työvuorosuunnittelujärjestelmä LibreOffice- ja OpenOfficeCalc- alustalla pienille ja keskisuurille ravintola- ja

Turnierplan 3-8 Mannschaften

Soccer Tournament plan with automatic calculation of results unfortunately only in German //Turnierplan für Fussballturniere (und andere Sportarten mit gleicher Berechnungsgrundlage)

Traeth Glas

Blue & yellow presentation template

Tracking Receipts

Track your daily shopping and type each receipt into their appropriate category in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will add your daily, weekly and monthly total.

Toutes mes factures regroupées dans un document.

Modèle de facturation permettant d'ajouter/modifier/sauvegarder/relire des factures. Base de données clients dans un onglet du même document. Template to add/modify/save/read all your invoices. your customers are grouped in a separate tab.<di


Tokyo Style Template

Inspired by the landscape in Tokyo.


To Do List (Simplified)

A simple To Do List

Time Sheet Template For Two Week Pay Cycle

Calc Template to calculate time for a two week pay cycle. Keep track of time taken for lunch, vacation or sick time, etc.

Time Planner

A Timeplates template for organizing your to-do list.


Tiles instead of a table

Use of Tiles instead of table to present 4 kind of information (more modern, more readable).

Thèse en droit

Modèle de fichier texte pour la rédaction d'une thèse en droit, conformément aux exigences universitaires en France.

Three Panel Brochure for LibreOffice Draw

A 3 panel, 2 fold brochure for 11" x 8.5 paper using LibreOffice Draw.

Thesis Template

Thesis template provides you to arrange your thesis effort less


The Scheduler 2018

This scheduler is for year 2018. The Scheduler for year 2018 is some kind of agenda with scheduler, to do list and notes list. Instructions on how to use it it's in comments in the sheet.

Tennis League Standings

Maintains standings in a USTA-like league.

Tennis Doubles League Standings

Maintains standings in a doubles-only tennis league.

Template Impress Grid

Template Impress Grid

Template for Recipe

This is a simple Template for creating a recipe. It is based on a Writer Template.

Template Business Design 2

Template Business Design 2

Template Business Design

Template Business Design

Task tracker

Task tracker

Task List Table

List your tasks and check them off each day as you complete them. You can also enter items that happen during a specific day of the week as a short reminder.

Tangram alakzatok

A klasszikus kínai játék elemei rejtvények készítéséhez és az elemeket megrajzoló Logo program.


Tangram drawing shapes and program

Tabelle/Liste zur Verwaltung von Bewerbungen

Hilfsmittel zur Bewerbungsverwaltung, um in einer Bewerbungsphase den Überblick über Ihre Bewerbungsschreiben zu behalten.


Tabellarischer Lebenslauf um einen Ausbildungsplatz / Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Vorlage für einen modernen tabellarischen Lebenslauf mit Mustertext für einen Ausbildungsplatz. Template for a modern tabular resume for vocational education with sample text in German language.


Tabellarischer Lebenslauf / Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Vorlage für einen modernen tabellarischen Lebenslauf mit Mustertext. Template for a modern tabular resume with sample text in German language.