Music paper drawing

Single line or double line blank sheet music paper drawing Logo program

Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form

A template to create a quick MDG Form for Shipping purposes

Motivationsschreiben Bewerbung

Vorlage für ein modernes Motivationsschreiben Bewerbung mit Mustertext. Template for a modern letter of


Moonscape Presentation

An editable minimal moon design backed by a dark blue background


Un calendario perpetuo che segnala date e orari delle fasi lunari, degli equinozi e dei solstizi. A perpetual calendar indicating the dates and times of lunar phases, the equinoxes and solstices.

Monthly Planner, 3X5 Vertical

A Timeplates template for printing out a monthly planner vertically on a 3X5 inch index card.


Monthly Home Budget Workbook

For use in maintaining and tracking home budget items

Monthly Budget and Expense Record

Create your own categories. Copy and paste transactions from your bank. Use a drop-down to categorize each expense. Automatically know how much is left in each category, similar to the "envelope" method of budgeting.


Modèle de thèse en médecine

Modèle de thèse en médecine à la faculté de médecine de Sfax, Tunisie. 


Modèle de QCM au format OTS

Ce modèle permet de réaliser des QCM avec corrections et score.


Modèle de CV jade

Un modèle avec une photo, calibré sur deux pages mais qui tient aussi sur une seule page. Les marques de niveaux sont sous la forme de tableau.It can be used in any language feel free to translate the How to customize it.


Modified Block US Letter

A modified block letter with US Letter sized paper.

Moderne brev

Moderne brev. Modern danish letter template.


Modern template

Modern template for LibreOffice Impress


Modern Source Pro

This template is an attempt at creating a nice and modern looking default template for LibreOffice Writer. It is derrived from the "modern"-template which is shipped with LibreOffice by default. However, my version only uses the Adobe Source Pro font-f

Modern literature book

Modern book template for novels or any other leisure reading where text is dominant.

Modern Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV)

Modèles mis en forme qu'en utilisant les styles , tous basés sur le Style par défaut, le style Titre ainsi, éventuellement, que le style Listes.Feel free to translate the How to customize.


Modelo de orzamento persoal

Modelo de orzamento persoal para xetionar as finanzas persoais. A personal budget template to help manage your finances.

Modele pour dessin technique A4

Mise en page type de dessin technique

MLA Paper

This template is based off the guide lines in Modern Language Association Handbook.

Microsoft Office Error Codes

Microsoft Office Error Codes List and Troubleshooting

Maths worksheets

Generates random worksheets for maths.

Maths for knitted Socks

A spreadsheet that calculates the row and the stitches for a sock. In French. Pour savoir combien de mailles monter et de rangs tricoter. En français.


Material Design Cyan

An Impress template inspired in Google Material Design

Marseille City Light

A simple and luminous template based on blue, white and grey.

Marketing Project Cover Page

A well-articulated cover page goes a long way in establishing the identity of the project as well as the author(s) who have formulated the entire assignment.


Manuscript paper (Genko yoshi) A4/B4(JIS) 原稿用紙 400字詰め A4/B5(JIS)

Template for Genko yoshi(manuscript paper) used for writing in Japan.日本でよく使われる400字詰め原稿用紙テンプレートです。


Magazine Template - Revista pt-BR

(english) Magazine template with tips to who is starting with diagramation and a simple guide of how to use this template (text in portuguese). -------------------------------- (português) Modelo para criação de revista, com dicas para quem está começa