LC SimpleAccountingSystem

LC SimpleAccountingSystem use by calc without macro. It's AccountingSystem for Taiwan.

Lebenslauf im moderncv-Stil

[de] Vorlage für einen Lebenslauf ähnlich zum LaTeX-Paket moderncv ‒ [en] Curriculum vitae template similar to those produced by the LaTeX package moderncv

Law Paper front rear

Use for print, to print italian legal sheets (law paper format)


Calc-table for Math and other lessons

Lesson Plan

A lesson Plan template

Letter Coloured DIN

Briefvorlage in Farbe Blau mit umfangreichen Briefkopf, automatischer Absendererkennung und Ausfuellhilfe. Template for letters in colour with fill in assistance.

Letter to Someone

This project is a short template that shows the start of a letter and the end of a letter.

Libre medical office

Libre medical office



LibreLatex is a complex of LibreOffice's templates used to create documents similar in appearance to Latex's documents.

LibreOffice MSI generator

Generate you MSIEXEC parameter string bu filling in this simple questionaire.

LibreOffice Presentation Templates - Community

LibreOffice Presentation Templates for the Community

Light document template

Uses Open Sans Light fo the Headings


Contains 4 masterpages

Light Gray Template

LibreOffice Presentation Template provided by Fernando Ribeiro for the Community

Linear Regression Chart

Linear Regression Chart


Dieses Draw-Dokument zeichnet verschiedene gebräuchliche Linien-Papiervorlagen in den Größen von A8 bis A0. Diese Vorlagen sind zum Ausdrucken für den Haus- und Schulgebrauch gedacht, wenn man mal eben nur ein Blatt braucht. Es ist vergleichbar mit ein


Listware is an all-in-one data cleansing service built as an Add-in for Microsoft's Excel originally , however this project aims at creating one for LibreOffice Calc.

Listware includes US Check & Verify, Global Check & Verify, and MatchUp®. These compo

Literatur/Buch/Bericht - literature/book/report

Verschiedene Varianten für Zwecke wie Berichte, Bücher und Literatur (Gedicht, Prosa, Theaterstücke). Variants for various purposes such as reports, books and literature (poems, prose, theatre).

LOffice CV

LOffice CV is a resume template that defaults to a presentation header and four parts (Educations, Experience, Skills, Hobbies).


calcolatore di sistemi per il gioco del lotto italiano - systems calculator for the Italian lottery game

Love OpenSource

Do you have your first conference talk ? Want to improve your presentions skils ?This template has usefull tips for you and some minimalistic desings that show you Love OpenSource


Magazine Style Template

A Magazine Style Template

Magazine Template - Revista pt-BR

(english) Magazine template with tips to who is starting with diagramation and a simple guide of how to use this template (text in portuguese). -------------------------------- (português) Modelo para criação de revista, com dicas para quem está começa

Manuscript paper (Genko yoshi) A4/B4(JIS) 原稿用紙 400字詰め A4/B5(JIS)

Template for Genko yoshi(manuscript paper) used for writing in Japan.日本でよく使われる400字詰め原稿用紙テンプレートです。


Material Design Cyan

An Impress template inspired in Google Material Design

Maths worksheets

Generates random worksheets for maths.

Marseille City Light

A simple and luminous template based on blue, white and grey.

Microsoft Office Error Codes

Microsoft Office Error Codes List and Troubleshooting