Document long Barres bleues

Pages de de droite et de gauche, page de couverture, page de chapitre et page « par défaut »


Document long filet rouge

Toute la mise en forme se fait à base de styles, page texte, illustrations (sauf pour les logos).Feel free to translte the How to.


Document long filets verts

Toute la mise en forme se fait à base de styles, page texte, illustrations (sauf pour les logos).


document masquable (macros)

Des parties du document sont masquables par simple clic sur des boutons, les macros doivent être autorisées

Donation Receipt

A donation receipt needs to have precise information concerning the exact value of the donation as well as what the donor got in return.

Drawing Frame | 図面枠

Easy Template for Technical Drawing Frame. It's built in Japanese language.簡易な製図図面枠テンプレートです。


Dépliant en trois colonnes

Un modèle de document (flyer) pour aide-mémoire.


Easy CC Scheduler

Calculate and schedule Your credit card debt payments


Easy IT Resume

Spellcheck of

Easy Reciept

Simple reciept maker. Cost: FREE

ebay Comparison Calculator

Englisch: Decision Support for Everyone> man (woman) Deutsch: Entscheidungshilfe für Jeder > Mann (Frau)


my take on ebook

Ebook - magazine template

A 5 pages ebook with a clean and straight model. Easy to adapt and release.

Eenvoudige Aflossings Tabel

Financial template in order to calculate mensualities and annuïties. Simply conceived on formulas as found in Wikipedia, and therefore can be controlled and adapted by nearly everyone. The results may be more accurate than some pay-off calculators of f

Elegant CV with styles

CV only one column, without table easy to customize just modifying the styles. CV en une colonne, sans tableau, facile à pesonnaliser en modifiant les styles. CV una columna, sin tabla, se personaliza modificando los estilos.

Employee ID Badge

An employee ID badge is an identity card worn by a person for identification purposes. It is mostly made up of a piece of paper, plastic or metal. Usually, it consists of a photo, Name of the employee, organization’s logo, barcode along with other employe

Esperanto Verda

This is a simple template for Esperanto conferences

Etiketten - Labels

Abmessung der Beschriftungskärtchen: 59 x 21 mm Diese Mappe hilft bei der Erstellung von Beschriftungen für (in Deutschland) handelsübliche Hängeregister. Dimensions of labels: 59 x 21 mm This sheet helps you to create lables for common labels (in Germ

Event Ticket Template

The event ticket template manages an event like a single most vital element. The given tickets make things move in proper way by directing the participants into proper channel.


Multiple-Choice, and True/False Tests Examen de completación, selección y verdadero y falso.

Expenses and Income Template

This is an old but working template that can be used to track your expenses/income on a daily basis. Each week is on its own sheet and you get a sheet that gives an overview and montly average for any range of weeks you want. It is a bit complex and it

Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Family Address Book

Store important family information and generate reports such as upcoming birthdays or contact information. Export birthdays and anniversaries to a shared google calendar.

Family Picnic Flyer Template

Family Picnic Flyer

Fancy 3D star

Net of a fancy 3D star for paper folding and its drawing program.

Fancy Window Frame

A presentation template featuring a blue window frame.

Fattura artigiani commercianti e piccole imprese

fattura artigiani commercianti e piccole imprese, invoice artisans traders and small businesses