Hirdetménysablon magyar nemzetiszín szegéllyel

Hotelski obrasci - Hotel Forms

Obrasci u vezi rada hotela. Hotel forms.

Hitung Fisik Kas

Menghitung uang per banyak jenis uang.


Mit Hilfe dieses Tabellendokuments lässt sich die monatliche Belastung und der Verlauf von Zins und Tilgung berechnen. Es können bis zu 4 Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten gewählt werden. Die Auswertung erfolgt als Tabelle sowie per Diagramm.

HSV Color Palette

This is a Palette I created in 2015 to fit the newer 12-column palette layout. Each major color band takes one column. The values are stepped through by adjusting the HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value) in regular increments. Black, White and Grays take the top

Index cards, 3x5, two sided

LibreOffice Draw Template for 3x5 Index Cards.

Indonesian Research Reports

LibreOffice Writer Template for Research Reports on Social Sciences (Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed Methods) in Indonesian format

Inglenook and TimeSaver Puzzle

Create random consists for playing Inglenook, TimeSaver, and other Puzzles, and model railroad operations.


Invoice in worked's hours

Modèle de facturation de prestation en heures. Template for invoice in worked's hours.


Invoice Database

An invoice database

ip calculator

subnet calculator and IP address manipulation macros

Italian Fiscal Code

Un calcolatore del Codice Fiscale che contiene anche i codici dei comuni e delle province recentemente soppressi - A Tax Code calculator that also contains codes of municipalities and provinces recently removed

Japanese Rirekisho

This is the outline of a Japanese rirekisho (resume). You will need to understand Japanese to some degree to use this file, and it's really only useful to people applying for jobs with Japanese companies. The style is similar to the kind of rirekisho c

Job forms

Job seeker form.

journal with auto dates

journal template with macro for automatic dates


A lively orange look for your presentation

JustInvoice - Auto-incrementing invoice generator

Simple auto-increment invoice generator - easily customized and straightforward to use.


Japanese style resume / CV / Curriculum Vitae template / 履歴書 / 職務経歴書

JIS formated resume and CV template (in used in Japan).日本で使われているJIS形式の履歴書と職務経歴書です。



Egyszerű keresztrejtvény-rajzoló játékos iskolai feladatokhoz


Kostenvergleich Wärmepumpe vs. Gasheizung

Deutsch: Vorlage für einen Kostenvergleich einer Wärmepumpe und einer Gasheizung. English: This template helps to compare costs of a heat pump compared to a gas heating. The template is in German language.

KPI Dashboard

A KPI dashboard build with instructions.

Labels S08 99x67 mm

Template for 8 labels 99x67 mm per sheet


DE: Es handelt sich um eine einfache Vorlage für einen Kraft-Fitness Trainingsplan auf einer DIN A4 Seite, ausgelegt für max. 14 Übungen und 20 Einheiten/Tage. Die Beschreibung der Vorlage ist auf deutsch, lässt sich aber mit minimalem Aufwand in ander

Law Paper front rear

Use for print, to print italian legal sheets (law paper format)

LC SimpleAccountingSystem

LC SimpleAccountingSystem use by calc without macro. It's AccountingSystem for Taiwan.

Lebenslauf im moderncv-Stil

[de] Vorlage für einen Lebenslauf ähnlich zum LaTeX-Paket moderncv ‒ [en] Curriculum vitae template similar to those produced by the LaTeX package moderncv

Letter Coloured DIN

Briefvorlage in Farbe Blau mit umfangreichen Briefkopf, automatischer Absendererkennung und Ausfuellhilfe. Template for letters in colour with fill in assistance.


Calc-table for Math and other lessons

Lesson Plan

A lesson Plan template

Letter to Someone

This project is a short template that shows the start of a letter and the end of a letter.