Dansk fax-forside

En dansk fax-forside med et enkelt design A danish fax front page template


Designer's CV

CV Template with a focus on design. Featuring quote text, social media links, tag cloud, skill rings, skill bars, portfolio.

Doctoral Dissertation

This doctoral dissertation template is merely a suggestion of the content you can include. You can add and remove content as needed.

Donation Receipt

A donation receipt needs to have precise information concerning the exact value of the donation as well as what the donor got in return.

Easy IT Resume

Spellcheck of https://extensions.libreoffice.org/templates/resume-it-helpdesk/1.0


my take on ebook

Event Ticket Template

The event ticket template manages an event like a single most vital element. The given tickets make things move in proper way by directing the participants into proper channel.

Family Picnic Flyer Template

Family Picnic Flyer

Finnish SFS 2487 standard document template

SFS 2487 is the official Finnish standard for document layout. The standard guides the placement of sender and recipient address, dates, document title and identification, structure of the document body, signatures etc. This Writer template makes it ea

Full Block US Letter Template

A full block style with US Letter size paper.

GreenTinge - Writer Template

Writer-Vorlage zum Schreiben von Berichten, Aufsätzen, etc. Writer-Template for writing of reports, articles, etc.


Hirdetménysablon magyar nemzetiszín szegéllyel

Indonesian Research Reports

LibreOffice Writer Template for Research Reports on Social Sciences (Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed Methods) in Indonesian format

journal with auto dates

journal template with macro for automatic dates

Labels S08 99x67 mm

Template for 8 labels 99x67 mm per sheet

Lebenslauf im moderncv-Stil

[de] Vorlage für einen Lebenslauf ähnlich zum LaTeX-Paket moderncv ‒ [en] Curriculum vitae template similar to those produced by the LaTeX package moderncv

Lesson Plan

A lesson Plan template

Letter Coloured DIN

Briefvorlage in Farbe Blau mit umfangreichen Briefkopf, automatischer Absendererkennung und Ausfuellhilfe. Template for letters in colour with fill in assistance.

Letter to Someone

This project is a short template that shows the start of a letter and the end of a letter.

Letter with headers and footer

Letter with headers and footer that automatically filled with the properties of the file. Second page is different from the first one. Lettre avec entête et pied de page remplis automatiquement. Deuxième page différente.


LibreLatex is a complex of LibreOffice's templates used to create documents similar in appearance to Latex's documents.

Light document template

Uses Open Sans Light fo the Headings

LOffice CV

LOffice CV is a resume template that defaults to a presentation header and four parts (Educations, Experience, Skills, Hobbies).

Lorepsum martyr

Lorepsum Martyr as its name suggests is a martyr document to develop your style sheet. It is composed of multiple elements (images, different levels of titles, etc) in order to focus only on the visual of the document.


Magazine Style Template

A Magazine Style Template

MLA Paper

This template is based off the guide lines in Modern Language Association Handbook.

Modern literature book

Modern book template for novels or any other leisure reading where text is dominant.

Moderne brev

Moderne brev. Modern danish letter template.


Modified Block US Letter

A modified block letter with US Letter sized paper.

Music papers

Single line and double line blank sheet music papers (PDF, ODT)