Listware is an all-in-one data cleansing service built as an Add-in for Microsoft's Excel originally , however this project aims at creating one for LibreOffice Calc.

Listware includes US Check & Verify, Global Check & Verify, and MatchUp®. These compo

LMD Windows 10 Basic Colors (Color Pallette)

Palette with 60 colors based on the basic Windows 10 interface palette.


o2k10 color palette

o2k10 Color Palette is color palette for LibreOffice like Microsoft Office 2003, 2010, 2016 color palette.



LibreOffice plugin for translating whole documents, which retains some formatting.

People gallery

People gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.

Shape gallery 6.4

Shapes gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.

Simple Placeholder

You can insert your placeholders text through the standard menu without having to copy and paste them.
You can use this extension in combination with macros.

Sound gallery

Music gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.

Symbols gallery

Symbols gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.

Tango Icon Theme for LibreOffice

Tango icon sets, derived from old GNOME icon theme

Text shape gallery

Text shape gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.

Transportation gallery

Transportation gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.

calCalc - Pop-up calendar for Calc

Simple, self-localized, gregorian type date picker for Calc

Stop Begging

Prevent the infobar from asking for more money or involvement at startup.


Catalan (general and valencian) Spellcheck Dictionary, Hyphenation rules, and Tesaurus

Catalan (general and valencia) spellcheck dictionary. Diccionari ortogràfic català (general i valencià). Diccionario ortográfico catalán (general y valenciano).


LMD Your Games Color Palette

Collection of 2 color palettes based on the popular games: Minecraft and Roblox.


LibreOffice Draw Guide 6.4 (English)

The ultimate guide for LIbreOffice Draw 6.4


Guía de Primeros Pasos

La guía para comenzar a usar LibreOffice y explorar su potencial.


Příručka LibreOffice Math 6.4 (Czech, čeština)

Uživatelská příručka LibreOffice Math 6.4 v češtině.


Slovak Spellchecker

Slovak spell check dictionary, hyphenation rules and thesaurus / Slovník kontroly pravopisu, delenia slov a synoným pre slovenčinu



A Calc and Writer document styles report tool.


LibreOffice Calc Guide 6.4 (English)

The ultimate guide for LibreOffice Calc

★ 5


Genko yoshi(manuscript paper) 20chars x 20lines A4/B4(JIS) 原稿用紙 400字詰め A4/B5(JIS)

Template for Genko yoshi(manuscript paper) used for writing in Japan.日本でよく使われる400字詰め原稿用紙テンプレートです。



A tool for managing Writer Userfields (aka MasterFields)


Arbeitszeiterfassung /Timesheet

Sie erhalten eine Vorlage zur Erfassung Ihrer täglichen Arbeitszeit unter Berücksichtigung von Sollarbeitszeiten, Feiertagen, Urlaub etc.


Japanese PostCard | 郵便はがき

Template for Japanese PostCard.郵便はがきの宛名書きテンプレートです。


Drawing Frame | 図面枠

Easy Template for Technical Drawing Frame. It's built in Japanese language.簡易な製図図面枠テンプレートです。